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The United Nations Cyberschoolbus has a portal for disarmament education, including hibakusha testimonies on their Ask A Hibakusha Page

Online Testimony

We hope that many teachers and students will be able to experience first hand the testimony of hibakusha.  Once they are too old to travel or are no longer with us, there are several projects that archive their living witness. Hibakusha Stories recommends the following:

Visual Artist, filmmaker, and friend of Hibakusha Stories Shinpei Takeda travelled throughout the Americas to catalogue through art and film the stories of ex-pat atomic bomb survivors, from Canada to Brazil.  The site is called Hiroshima Nagasaki Download: Memories from the Americas.

Nagasaki native and atomic bomb survivor Akihiko Ito has devoted his life to collecting and archiving hibakusha testimony.  Mr. Ito has assembled both video and audio recording of hibakusha who offer their memories of that day in August 1945. The site also offers slide shows of Hiroshima and Nagasaki before and after the bombing.  An extensive English language collection is complemented by an even greater archive in Japanese.

Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation’s project dedicated to hibakusha is the Memorial Hall for Atomic Bomb Victims.  The website and physical building host an on-line archive of photos, art work and testimony of hibakusha.  The nearby Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum provides a virtual tour online.

Nagasaki Peace Promotion Office supports disarmament activism and the dessimination of hibakusha testimony through the Nagasaki National Peace Memorial Hall for Atomic Bomb Victims — a virtual and physical archive of photos, art work and survivor stories.  The adjacent Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum provides classrooms for peace education and on-line information to encourage interactive learning.

The Japanese Government has initiated a hibakusha testimony project as part of its commitment to advance disarmament education, pursuant to the United Nations Study on Disarmament and Non Proliferation Education.

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