Online Curriculum Portals

Hibakusha Stories reccommends:

Cyberschoolbus: Disarmament and Non Proliferation – Nuclear Weapons provides guidance in how to create a safe environment for students to discuss their feelings about the nuclear threat. At the same time it will help develop critical thinking skills about the current status of nuclear weapons and provide opportunities for them to learn from people who have survived the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


Classroom Toolkit contains educational materials for young adults, from early middle school through high school and early college. Educators will find linked interactive processes to help them engage students and facilitate their participation. Some of the activities are more weighted on an intellectual response, others tend toward the emotional, but both share these head-heart components. Educators should use whichever exercise draws them in, because enthusiasm for an activity is often contagious.  For most of these exercises, all a teacher needs is a blackboard or large piece of paper for brainstorming, space to move around and respect for students’ opinions. Each teaching tool is designed for maximum involvement and communication among students.

The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) is a grassroots campaign dedicated to engaging a new generation in nuclear disarmament. Teaching tools, photos, videos and a many ways to become educated and get involved are all easily accessible on the site. The Model Nuclear Weapons Convention, a discussion document at the UN, exploring technical, legal and political implications for disarmament, is available to download.

Reaching Critical Will is the one-stop shop for basic facts on disarmament treaties including treaty language and analysis, plus an excellent nuclear inventory tracking the countries that have nuclear power and nuclear weapon technology.  The many documents available (and searchable) give students access to primary sources for research projects.

The Nuclear Files provide a wealth of information, including an annotated history of the nuclear age reaching back to the discovery of the atom.  There is also an impressive collection of archival material including photographs, video and audio recordings.  An excellent resource for teachers and students alike, the Nuclear Files is a project of The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, and is part of the National Science Digital Library.

The United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs hosts a web portal on disarmament education which includes survivor testimony, peace related art contests, poetry contests, podcasts with hibakusha and educators, UN disarmament publications, reports from the Secretary General on disarmament education and more.