Hibakusha Stories Fall 2015 Programs

Hiroshima & Nagasaki: Creating Curriculum

A Workshop For High School Educators
Tuesday, November 3, 2015, UN Headquarters


Youth Arts New York/Hibakusha Stories and the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs invite teachers to a fourth annual day-long workshop featuring a tour of the UN disarmament exhibit, testimony by 2nd generation A-bomb survivor Miyako Taguchi, an overview of the UN’s role in nuclear disarmament by Michael Spies, Action for Disarmament! by Peace Boat’s Emilie McGlone and an introduction to Iri and Toshi Maruki’s Hiroshima Panels by Gabriel Florenz.  Attendees will have first choice for a limited number of field trips to view the Hiroshima Panels at Pioneeer Works Center for Art and Innovation in Red Hook, Brooklyn.  These abstract expressionist masterworks, sometimes referred to as the Guernica of Japan, are a living reminder of the threat of nuclear weapons that is still very much with us today.

Teachers will spend the afternoon in small groups developing curriculum that, with permission, will be posted on the Hibakusha Stories website.

Facilitated by Debra Brindis and Robert Croonquist
Free admission. Space is limited. RSVP by Monday, October 12
Debra Brindis

Bearing Witness: Hibakusha Testimony, Disarmament
& the Hiroshima Panels

14 day-long programs from November 17 to December 18 at Pioneer Works Center for Art and Innovation, 159 Pioneer Street, Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Don’t miss the opportunity to:

  • see the world renowned Guernica of Japan with artifacts gleaned from the rubble
  • hear eye witness accounts of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • learn how the bomb affected second and third generation Japanese and Americans
  • discuss present day issues with nuclear disarmament experts
  • develop artistic and civic responses

Tuesday – Friday, November 17, 18, 19, 20
Monday & Tuesday, November 23, 24
Wednesday & Thursday, December 2, 3
Monday & Tuesday, December 7, 8
Tuesday – Friday, December 15, 16, 17, 18

Each program will run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and include a tour of A Call for Peace: Iri & Toshi Maruki’s Hiroshima Panels & Artifacts, A-bomb survivor testimony and a disarmament education workshops in the morning followed by lunch and afternoon activities in art, science and civics. The programs will be facilitated educators Kathleen Sullivan, Debra Brindis and Robert Croonquist. Presenters include Setsuko Thurlow (Hiroshima), Yasuaki Yamashita (Nagasaki), Mitchie Takeuchi (2nd generation Hiroshima), Miyako Taguchi (2nd generation Nagasaki), Clifton Truman Daniel (grandson of US President Harry S. Truman) and disarmament NGOs and educators in the New York City area. Facilitators and presenters will vary from day to day and we will work with each school to tailor the program to meet your educational objectives.


Hiroshima Panels

Abstract expressionist masterworks sometimes referred to as the Guernica of Japan, the Hiroshima Panels were painted by husband and wife team Iri (1901-1995) and Toshi Maruki (1902-2000) over a 32 year period. They will be on view to the public November 13 to December 20 at Pioneer Works Center for Art and Innovation in Red Hook Brooklyn. Unique and unprecedented in the world, they have been exhibited extensively throughout Japan and Europe, but have made precious few appearances in the United States. In this, the 70th anniversary year of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, these extraordinary artworks have traveled to Washington DC and Boston and will complete their American tour in New York. Iri Maruki entered Hiroshima three days after the atomic bomb destroyed that city. The power of that experience caused Maruki together with his wife Toshi, to dedicate their lives to making art about war and peace. Their work is a living reminder of the threat of nuclear weapons that is still very much with us today.

To Sign Up

Please CONTACT US to sign up and for further information.

$10 per student, lunch not included.

Pioneer Works Center for Art and Innovation [Google Map] is a center for research and experimentation in contemporary culture. Through a broad range of exhibitions, performances, arts and science residencies, and educational programs, Pioneer Works seeks to transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries, foster community, and provide a space where alternative modes of thought are supported and activated in tangible ways. The organization was founded in 2012 by artist Dustin Yellin and is located in a 25,000 square feet manufacturing warehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn.