The Gifts Of The Hibakusha To Us

  • The hibakusha gift to us is the example of living a courageous life.  Speaking out against the threat of nuclear weapons, even though they have suffered intense discrimination and hardship — they have persevered.  They are our teachers in cultivating COURAGE.
  • The hibakusha gift to us is the example of living a life of CONVICTION.  For 68 years they have said to the world that nuclear weapons are the ultimate crime against life.  They have demanded that the world know about their suffering so that others do not suffer what they experienced.  They are our teachers in cultivating CONVICTION.
  • The hibakusha are also our teachers in cultivating COMPASSION.  That they lived through hell on earth and still are able to love and laugh and take joy —  this is a sign of the greatest aspects of all of our humanity — that LOVE triumphs over hate.
  • In this rare and precious moment, we still have the time to directly learn from the hibakusha about COURAGE, CONVICTION and COMPASSION.