Many thanks go out to these wonderful people who recorded our events, including Cinema Forum Fukushima who went to great effort to record in-depth interviews and  presentations in May 2012, and to East River Films for their taping and editing of 2013 events. Coleen Fitzgibbon also recorded three wonderful interviews with Hiroko Sakaguchi, Setsuko Thurlow and Yasuaki Yamashita. From broadcast TV both C-SPAN and NY1 covered events.


On May 2, 2013, The Japan Society & Hibakusha Stories presented “Atomic Bomb Survivors Meet Descendants of Harry Truman and the Manhattan Project” with students in New York City Public High Schools. The evening featured Clifton Truman Daniel, Shigeko Sasamori, Jong-keun Lee, and Dr. Cynthia Miller. Marie Cochranen graciously acted as interpreter. Robert Fish of the Japan Society & Robert Croonquist of Hibakusha Stories provided opening remarks.

Video Opening Remarks

Opening Remarks

Video Interactive Intro

Interactive Introduction to Disarmament

Video Main 1

Main Program – 1

Video Main 2

Main Program – 2

Video Qa

Q & A


In May of 2012 the intrepid Hibakusha Stories team visited many New York City area high schools to make presentations to the attentive school kids. These recordings document the visits to East Community High School, Bayside High School, Lower Manhattan Arts Academy High School, and Harlem Renaissance High School.

Video Shigeko Sasmori

Shigeko Sasamori Interview

Video Cynthia Miller

Dr. Cynthia Miller Interview

Video School East Side 1

East Side Community HS Visit – 1

Video School East Side 3

East Side Community HS Visit – 2

Video School East Side 2

East Side Community HS Visit – 3

Video Bayside 1

Bayside HS Visit – 1

Video Bayside 2

Bayside HS Visit – 2

Video Arts 1

Lower Manhattan Arts Visit – 1

Video Arts 2

Lower Manhattan Arts Visit – 2

Video Arts 3

Lower Manhattan Arts Visit – 3

Video Harlem 1

Harlem Renaissance HS – 1

Video Harlem 2

Harlem Renaissance HS – 2


Video Hiroko Sakaguchi

Hiroko Sakaguchi Interview

Video Setsuko Thurlow

Setsuko Thurlow Interview

Video Yasuaki Yamashita

Yasuaki Yamashita Interview




Video Ischool

NYC iSchool’s PSAs

Video Heart Of A Survivor

Heart Of A Survivor


Nicholas Sulis, Roger Pena, and Kirk Pressley from the NYC iSchool launch the book Action for Disarmament: 10 Things You Can Do! with a rap dedicated to Hibakusha Stories Fellow Yasuaki Yamashita

Actor and UN Messenger of Peace Michael Douglas (left) speaks during a special event at UN headquarters to launch a book, co-authored by Hibakusha Stories Program Director, Kathleen Sullivan, entitled Action for Disarmament: 10 Things You Can Do!.